Rey Mysterio Gives a Health Update on His Injured Eye During WWE Raw

Rey Mysterio popped up on this week's Monday Night Raw to provide a health update following Seth Rollins' vicious attack from several weeks back. For those who missed it, Rollins snapped during a tag match and drove Mysterio's right eye into the corner of the steel steps, causing him to bleed profusely. Rollins claimed the attack was a "sacrifice" on Mystero's behalf, and even tried to host a retirement ceremony for the former WWE Champion early on in the show

Mysterio was unable to give a definitive answer on his health status, or if he would have to retire as a result of the injury. His son Dominick then appeared to try and encourage his father, but Mysterio insisted he calm down. He then had a direct message for the "Monday Night Messiah."

"Seth Rollins, damn you for everything you put my family through, my wife Angie, my son Dominick and my daughter Aalyah, all of them watched you shoved my eye into the steps. They watched blood run down my face, and they saw the man that protects and provides for them suffer. Now you go around saying I cried like a baby when the cold metal met my flesh. Seth, I truly am a man of forgiveness, I really am. But Seth, I will never forgive you for what you've done to me and what you put my family through. Damn you, Seth Rollins!

Dominick stuck around after Mysterio left the frame, and paraphrased a quote from The Bible by saying, "An eye for an eye."


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