Roman Reigns Reveals He and His Wife Are Expecting Twins

Roman Reigns revealed some fantastic news this week during an interview with Muscle & Fitness — he and his wife are expecting! The WWE star and Galina Becker already have three children, including two twin boys, and now another set of twins is on the way. "The Big Dog" has been off of WWE television since he opted to step away from his WrestleMania 36 match with Goldberg due to concerns regarding the coronavirus.

"Three [kids], with two in the oven," Reigns said when asked about his children. "I'm looking to be Papa Bear Five. Breaking news, we haven't shared that [yet]."

Reigns explained why he stepped away from the match during an Instagram Live video, where he indicated his situation at home couldn't afford him to take a big risk or get sick.

"You already know what's going on, it's all over the news, the dirt sheets, whatever you want to call em, that I pulled out of WrestleMania," Reigns said. And it's funny because for years now, years, people are like, 'Don't show up to WrestleMania! We don't want you in it!' Ya know what I mean? There's a nice handful of dudes and haters that didn't want me there. But the moment I make a choice for me and my family, I'm a 'coward.' I'm a 'sissy.' A lot of different things that I am now. But you don't know the whole story.

"All you know is what you think," he continued. "'Oh, well his health' and this and that, but you don't know what else is going on in my life. You don't know if I have newborns. You don't know if I have family in my household, older family. So yeah, like the old saying, man ... go and flip that cover open and read a few pages, get into a few chapters before you really start running your mouth. And just take this time to better yourself, be present and make the most out of this."


With Reigns gone, Braun Strowman stepped in and beat Goldberg in a matter of minutes to win the WWE Universal Championship. WWE hasn't mentioned Reigns on SmackDown since, leaving Strowman open to start up a new feud with Bray Wyatt.

Elsewhere at WrestleMania Drew McIntyre claimed his first WWE Championship by beating Brock Lesnar, Wyatt effectively destroyed John Cena in a Firefly Fun House Match and The Undertaker put on one of his best matches in years by beating AJ Styles in a Boneyard Match.