WWE's Ronda Rousey Retains in Surprise SmackDown Women's Title Match Against Raquel Rodriguez

WWE SmackDown was full of surprises, including a shocking SmackDown Women's Championship match. It all started when Ronda Rousey came out to celebrate her win against Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania Backlash. Rousey said "Charlotte Flair was a 13 time World Champion. That is an impressive statistic. Was is the key term there because I have the SmackDown Women's Championship Title now. I have to give her credit because she was one of the biggest challenges I've ever faced, and I had to break her arm to get her to say I quit, though I would've died before I would utter those words, but that's just me." Then she said she thought fans wanted a fighting Champion, and so she issued a challenge to the locker room, and then Raquel Rodriguez's music hit.

The newest SmackDown Superstar came to the ring all smiles, and after coming face to face with Rousey said "Ronda, my name is Raquel Rodriguez. I accept your challenge." She then added that it would be an honor to fight someone as legendary as her, but also said that this time she would be making history. Then it was revealed that this was happening tonight, and was indeed a match for the SmackDown Women's Championship.

They locked up pretty quickly and Rodriguez then picked up Rousey with ease and tossed her to the other side of the ring. Then Rousey came back strong but Rodriguez picked up Rousey by the head and slammed her into the turnbuckle. Rousey then was back in it but was met again by Rodriguez's power, as she threw Rousey into the corner and then picked her up again and hit a Fallaway Slam.

Rodriguez picked Rousey up again and hit another Fallaway Slam, and then went for the cover but Rousey kicked out. Rodriguez then picked up Rousey and put pressure on her back over her shoulder, but Rousey got away only to get a boot to the face. Rodriguez threw Rousey into the corner but she evaded Rodgireuz and grabbed her arm. Rodriguez picked her up again and hit a Side Slam.

Rodriguez went up top and went for a splash but Rousey rolled out of the way. Rousey tried to pick Rodgireaz up but she couldn't, though she kicked her in the knee. An elbow followed and then Rousey went to get Rodriguez up but she picked her up instead, only for Rousey to get picked up in a Vertical Suplex and slammed down, though Rousey kicked out of the cover.

Rousey unleashed several strikes and went for the arm again, and then she kicked her in the face and lifted her up only for Rodriguez to get away and lift Rousey up and slam her down. Rodriguez lifted Rousey again but Rousey locked in the arm, causing Rodriguez to throw her onto the ropes to break it up. Rousey then grabbed the leg and had the Ankle Lock in, but Rodriguez kicked her away and hit a huge boot to the face. She covered but Rousey kicked out. Rodriguez lifted her up again but Rousey rolled through and rolled her up to get the pin and the win.

Rodriguez was shocked and Rousey looked spent, though she was still Champion. Rousey extended her hand and Rodriguez shook it, with Rodriguez giving the motion of this close.

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