WWE: Rusev Won The Title On His Birthday

Fans were happy to see Rusev back in the Championship picture on the newest episode of Smackdown [...]

Fans were happy to see Rusev back in the Championship picture on the newest episode of Smackdown Live, but it also happened to take place on a very special day for the WWE superstar...his birthday.

Yep, while Rusev Day is worth celebrating every day, it is of even more importance on the superstar's actual birthday. On the special Christmas edition of Smackdown Live Rusev battled against current United States Champion Shinsuke Nakamura, and after a fierce match the Bulgarian Brute came up on top, and fans couldn't' be happier to chant Rusev Day in honor of his big win.

After the win Rusev thanked his mother as he walked away from the ring, saying "This is for my mother. She gave birth to me 34 years ago on Christmas Day after 3 days in the hospital of labor. Thank you momma!"

It's been 1067 days since he was United States champion, but while he hasn't held a belt since then his popularity has substantially grown over time, and it feels like the perfect time for a big run as United States Champion. As WWE Stats & Info points out, he is in some talented company of other superstars who kickstarted big Championship runs on their birthdays, including stars like The Big Show, Paige, and Sheamus.

Backstage Rusev was asked how he felt after the big victory. "Man this is...I mean it's unreal," Rusev told WWE.com. "I always thought the United States Championship is my title. You know when we fought John at WrestleMania 31 when he came out in a tank, unfortunately, we lost it at my first WrestleMania, then we beat Kalisto, but now to win it back, on my birthday, on Christmas Day, and on Rusev Day on top of it all, you know with my wife next to me, I mean, I think this is the dream come true."

(Photo: WWE)

As for his wife Lana, she couldn't be prouder. "I'm so proud of him," Lana said. "It's a great 2018. So many things that we can be very very thankful for and the fact that he became Champion on his birthday, which happens to be on Christmas, I mean it's probably just one of the best Rusev days of all time."

"I know I had many doubts that this day was ever going to come, but my wife was always supportive of me and said 'no, you work so hard. Keep going and it will come', and there it is, we're here now," Rusev said.

Rusev Day! Rusev Day! Rusev Day!