WWE's Shawn Michaels Reveals Details on NXT Deadline's New Iron Survivor Challenge

After teasing a big announcement for the upcoming WWE NXT Deadline premium live event, Shawn Michaels delivered on that tease during tonight's episode of NXT. Michaels would reveal that earlier reports were true and that WWE was creating a brand new match type. It's called the Iron Survivor Challenge, and at NXT Deadline there will be a men's and women's Iron Survivor Challenge, each one featuring five NXT superstars to be revealed at a later date. The match has two people starting off in the ring with new stars entering every 5 minutes, and whoever scores the most falls by the end of 25 minutes will win and get a Title shot at the NXT or NXT Women's Championship. You can find all of the details from Michaels below.

"There will be two Iron Survivor Challenges at NXT Deadline. One for the men, and one for the women. Five superstars will compete in this unique 25-minute match. They will battle each other and the clock. Two superstars will start the match. Every 5 minutes a new superstar will enter till all five are in the ring. The goal of the match is to have the most falls when the clock hits 25 minutes," Michaels said.

"Falls can be won at any time via pinfall, submission, or disqualification. When a superstar wins a fall, they will earn one point. However, when the superstar loses a fall, they must pay the penalty. They are forced out of the ring and into the penalty box for 90 seconds. Once the 90 seconds are up, that superstar can re-enter the match. The superstar who has scored the most falls when the clock strikes 25 minutes will be named the Iron Survivor and become the No. 1 Contender for the NXT Championship," Michaels said.

As some have pointed out, the Iron Survivor Challenge has some elements similar to the Championship Scramble and Impact Wrestling's King and Queen of the Mountain matches. This is also probably a way to add a new match type to NXT's lineup, as the standby of War Games is now being featured on the main roster at Survivor Series. Even if they still do War Games at some point, it's probably a good idea for NXT to have some other specialized and unique matches to call its own.

That said, there are a lot of rules, so hopefully, the execution will go smoothly next month. We'll have to wait and see, but in the meantime let us know in the comments what you think of the new match!