WWE SmackDown: Nikki Cross Confronts Alexa Bliss About Her Recent Character Change

Alexa Bliss continued her slow turn this week during WWE SmackDown. Just a few days ahead of the launch of her new podcast, Uncool With Alexa Bliss, Bliss rekindled her old television talk show segment, "A Moment of Bliss." On the segment with her this week was Bliss's former tag team championship partner, Nikki Cross. The two have had an awkward relationship since July, when Nikki Cross lost a big match with Bayley on SmackDown and Bliss tried to console her afterwards. Cross pushed her off and stormed out of the Performance Center, and immediately afterward Bliss's story with The Fiend began as she was attacked mid-ring.

Since that time, we have seen Bliss slowly morphing into something out of The Fiend's realm. Her hair has slowly been turning into dreadlocks, similar to Wyatt. She's also seen like her mind has been distracted, culminating last week when she hit a Sister Abigail on Cross before walking off in a trance.

Bliss welcomed Cross by saying that normally Cross would be next to her in the co-host seat, but after what went down last week, she needed to get her in the hot seat. Alexa announced her as her "best friend."

Bliss first congratulated Cross on her victory and championship opportunity. However, she pointed out all of Cross's failures to defeat Bayley recently and mentioned she hasn't defeated her since last year. Cross said it's different this time because there's no Sasha Banks watching over Bayley.

Cross talked about how Bayley treated Sasha and said that if Bayley wants to take cheap shots, she guarantees that she (Cross) will become the new women's champion at Clash of Champions.

Cross then asked Bliss a question. She asked what's going on with her, to which Bliss said "what do you mean?" Cross called out her using the Sister Abigail last week and then just walking off. Bliss said she didn't know how to explain it because she doesn't fully understand it. Bliss said there is some kind of change and she doesn't know how to control it or handle it.


At this point, they were interrupted by Lacey Evans who would be wrestling Cross later. This then just became Evans insulting both Cross and Bliss until a fight developed between Lacey and Nikki. Evans walked off to the ring and the match began following the commercial break.

Cross would go on to win the match, with Bliss on commentary cheering her on. After the match, Evans crawled over to the announce position and yelled at Bliss and the commentary team. She mentioned The Fiend and Bliss went into a trance, She then stood up and hit the Sister Abigail on Evans before walking off in a trance, similar to how she did last week.