WWE SmackDown: Bayley and Sasha Banks Battle Naomi to Determine SummerSlam Fate

Tonight's SmackDown kicked off the WWE Thunderdome era, but it also had a few ramifications for SummerSlam. At one point Bayley and Sasha Banks both came out to the ring to celebrate their Championships, though they also complained about both of them having to face Asuka, wondering which one would have to face Asuka at the event first. That's when Naomi came out and offered to settle it for them by taking both of them on tonight in a Beat the Clock Challenge. Whoever comes in last will face Asuka first, and once all was said and done it was Sasha standing tall.

As Michael Cole noted during the broadcast, whoever faces Asuka last definitely has the advantage to keep their Championship, and facing off first was Naomi and Banks. Sasha got more than she bargained for, as Naomi had her reeling for a bit. She hit banks with tons of offense, putting her through the wringer, but unfortunately, Sasha caught her in the Banks Statement, causing her to tap.

Sasha's time came in at 3:39, and that's the time Bayley had to beat. Bayley didn't even wait for the bell to ring, going in on Naomi and looking to capitalize on the fact that Banks put her through some punishment.

Naomi wasn't going down without a fight though, and she weathered Bayley's early onslaught, refusing to go down. Bayley kept trying to pin her quickly, but it was Naomi who got the last laugh, hitting her with the Rear View and laying her out, clearing the way for the pin.

She then pinned Bayley, meaning that Bayley has to take on Asuka first at SummerSlam, and giving Sasha a much better chance at retaining.

Asuka then came out to the ring and laid out both Bayley and Sasha, and Bayley put another nail in their friendship coffin by running right past Sasha and letter her fend for herself, though Bayley did go to the ring and get her title.


We'll have to see if Asuka can reclaim that Championship gold at SummerSlam, and if Bayley and Sasha's friendship can last if one of them loses at the big event.

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