Bayley Attacks Sasha Banks During WWE SmackDown, Igniting Their Anticipated Feud

The long-awaited split between Sasha Banks and Bayley that has been teased for months finally went down Friday night on WWE SmackDown. The team had a chance to regain the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships from Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler, and the two teams had a pretty good match. But it was what went down afterwards that will be the big headline.

Sasha injured her knee during the match when she ran across the ring apron to hit a striking knee on Baszler, but Shayna moved and Sasha hit her knee right into the ring post. Later, the same knee was driven into a turnbuckle. Late in the match, Banks went to lift Baszler with Bayley and as she did, her leg gave out. This eventually led to Banks and Bayley being taken out with a crossbody by Jax, who then covered for the pinfall.

The announcers sold the fact that Sasha stayed alive despite a "serious leg injury," clearly setting the stage for her to be a babyface against a heel Bayley in their eventual feud.

Medical personnel worked on Banks after the match as Bayley screamed at them to be careful. Banks pushed off the medical staff and said she didn't need their help. Bayley then attempted to lift Banks up and help her. As they rolled out of the ring together, Bayley then took out Sasha and began attacking her.

Bayley rammed Banks into the ring post on the outside and then slammed her injured leg into the ring steps and followed that up with some stomps on Banks ankle. She screamed that Banks deserved it and egged on Michael Cole at ringside, saying "is it Boss Time Michael Cole?"

Bayley then brought a chair into the ring and attacked Sasha with that as well. Bayley put Sasha's head between the chair and then jumped off the corner, smashing her head between the layers of the chair. The old Brian Pillman/Steve Austin spot.


Following a commercial break, a stretchered Banks was shown being loaded into an ambulance and driven away from the Amway Center.

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