WWE's Big E Returns to SmackDown but Suffers Another Brutal Attack from Apollo Crews

The last time we saw Big E he was being carted out on a stretcher after being brutally attacked by [...]

The last time we saw Big E he was being carted out on a stretcher after being brutally attacked by Apollo Crews. Crews had launched some steel steps in the air and they had come crashing down on Big E, keeping him out of action last week. We then saw Crews come out with a harder edge and new persona, and tonight we finally got Big E's response to what happened on SmackDown. Big E first came out with all sorts of braces and bandages on, but he quickly took them off and looked better than ever as he made his way to the ring.

After grabbing a microphone, E went in on Crews. "As I laid up in a medical facility because of you Apollo, I had plenty of time to think, and Apollo I hope and pray that you know what you did, because you crossed the rubicon. You opened Pandora's box," Big E said. "There's no coming back. There's no sorry for this. To fix this. You can't put the genie back in the bottle. Because you Apollo, you made me go biblical, I have to go old testament on you because now, now is eye for an eye. Now it's you take one of mine I take two of yours. You come here to hurt me and I come here to maim you."

"Now if you step on my lawn, I bulldoze your house. Me and you. Pinning you now? That's not enough. Now, now I gotta end you. I've got to end you. You want what I worked for. You want what's mine. Fine, good. Because now, now I'm ready to give it to you. To give you exactly what you deserve. We don't need to wait. We don't need to wait at all. Tonight, come down to me and get the opportunity you've been waiting for. Cmon. Cmon. You want it? You've been begging for this, you come get it. Get it now," Big E said.

Crews didn't come out. "I'm not surprised. Not surprised at all," Big E said. "I got all gussied up. All dressed up to defend my intercontinental championship, and that's what I intend on doing. So if you aren't going to get yours, I extend an open challenge to whoever wants it. Come and get it."

Then King Corbin came out to the ring and told E to calm down and stop acting crazy. That said, if he was going to open up a challenge, he wasn't dressed for the match, but he wouldn't mind ripping up his 10,000 suit.

That was interrupted by Sami Zayn, who accepted the challenge and said it was the perfect ending for this documentary. He also said Corbin never accepted it, and it was on tape.

Big E called them fools and said whoever gets in first gets the match. Zayn ran in first and Big E started hitting him with punches and then hit him with a Big Ending that sent him out of the ring. Corbin admonished Zayn on the outside.

The bell actually rang and the match started, and E went right at Zayn, charming him in the corner. A big knee did some damage and then E hit him with a big knee again. Zayn would shift the momentum but ended up on the mat after a hard elbow from Big E.

Big E then launched Zayn towards the corner, and Zayn ended up coming down hard on his neck and back. He got up and looked fine, and went to slow down Big E with an elbow from the top turnbuckle, but when Zayn went for it again Big E evaded.

Zayn tried to escape but E hit him with forearms on the edge of the ring, and then went for a splash but Zayn rolled out of the way. Zayn then hit E hard and almost go the pin, but it wasn't enough to keep the champion down. E then hit Zayn with the Big Ending and that was enough for the pin and the win.

As he celebrated Crews' music hit, and Crews surprised him from behind, attacking him and then suplexing E before he could even get his bearings. Crews then said "stand up" and then hit E with another suplex, standing tall over his opponent.

Crews then picked up those steel steps again and rammed them into Big E's arm and wrist, and the champion was clearly in pain after he hit the ground. Crews stood tall in the ring atop those steel steps, and this feud is far from over.

Here's the official description for tonight's SmackDown.

"On an action-packed Friday Night SmackDown, Daniel Bryan and Universal Champion Roman Reigns make their WWE Fastlane title bout official, Bianca Belair and SmackDown Women's Champion Sasha Banks join Kevin Owens on "The KO Show," Intercontinental Champion Big E returns to the blue brand and much more! It all kicks off at 8/7 C on FOX!"

Here's the card:

Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns Fastlane Contract Signing

Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks Appear on the KO Show

Big E Returns

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