WWE's Daniel Bryan Calls Out Roman Reigns for Rematch but Gets Edge Spear Instead

Tonight's SmackDown kicked off with a frustrated Daniel Bryan addressing the fallout from [...]

Tonight's SmackDown kicked off with a frustrated Daniel Bryan addressing the fallout from Fastlane, where he made Roman Reigns tap out but the referee didn't see it and he ended up being robbed of a victory. Bryan came out to the ring with a chair and instantly took a microphone and got to work. "Everybody saw Roman tap out. Now, Roman's never tapped. Never, in his entire career, tapped out and last week he said he'd rather die than tap out to someone like me," Bryan said. "Well good news everyone. Roman is alive, and Roman tapped out to Daniel Bryan."

"Now, in a perfect world, what that would mean is that I would be standing in this ring right now as the universal champion," Bryan said. "I would be standing in this ring right now knowing that I was head to the main event of wrestle mania. But neither of those things are true, and why? Because as I was making Roman Reigns tap out, Edge hit me across the back with a steel chair just like this."

"Now Edge over the last couple of weeks Edge has said you're not going about this the right way," Bryan said. "I should let everyone have their dream m match of Edge vs Roman Reigns. Here's the thing. I've had enough. I'm tired of doing it the right way. I'm tired of everyone having a dream match they didn't even earn."

"I earned being in the main event of WrestleMania, and I didn't get it," Bryan said. "I'm willing to earn it all again. So here's what I'm asking for. I'm not asking for anyone to give me the Championship or give me a spot at WrestleMania, and here's how I'm going to do it. I want a rematch with Roman Reigns for the Universal Championships, and I want that rematch tonight, and I am not leaving this ring until I get what I want."

Bryan then took a seat on that chair and sat in the middle of the ring waiting. He waited until the commercial break, and then when we came back Adam Pearce came out. He said he couldn't give Bryan the rematch tonight and then said the referee's decision is final. Roman Reigns is the Universal Champion and his next Championship defense will be at WrestleMania against Edge.

Bryan said he had a solution for that one, and said why not do that match and then right after have Reigns face Bryan for a shot. Pearce said he of all people would understand that is a lot for Reigns.

Bryan said that was a double standard but then offered up another match possibility. He said what about on night 1 you have Reigns vs Edge and then on night 2 you have the Champion vs Bryan. Pearce was considering it, but then Edge came out and knocked away Pearce's microphone.

Edge got a mic and went at Bryan, saying that he has been acting altruistic and like a knight in shining armor. He told JVBryan that he lost to Reigns twice and that when Edge won the Royal Rumble he outlasted everyone, including Bryan to get there, so Bryan didn't earn anything.

He also said that night 2 is the 10th anniversary of when he retired, and that every match in the ring could be his last. He then said he didn't deserve the match and called him a son of a b****.

Bryan went after Edge and started hitting him with punches, but then Edge speared him. Edge then grabbed that chair and started slamming it against Bryan's back, but he only did it once, and then he went out of the ring.

After commercial, we see Reigns, who has Heyman go get Pearce and tells Jey Uso to go with him and use force if he has to.

Looks like this could've opened the door on a possible match for Bryan and whoever wins the Universal Championship at WrestleMania, or this could be how we end up with a triple threat match. Either way, I'm game.

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