WWE SmackDown: Jeff Hardy Throws Urine in Sheamus' Face During Contract Signing

WWE SmackDown kicked off with the reality tinged storyline of Jeff Hardy and Sheamus, and as we [...]

WWE SmackDown kicked off with the reality tinged storyline of Jeff Hardy and Sheamus, and as we thought, the contract signing ended up involving a urine test before Sheamus would sigh the contract for Backlash. Sheamus brought his own Doctor to the ring to administer a urine test that would give immediate results, and Sheamus continued to mock Hardy to the camera as he took the test. He said things like don't be a loser like Jeff Hardy, and once Hardy finished the test, things went crazy rather quickly.

Sheamus continued to poke and prod at Hardy, saying things like maybe you wan tto apologize to your family or maybe you want to give a positive message to those at home like don't say no. Sheamus was all laughs as the doctor looked over the test, but he wouldn't be laughing for long.

As the doctor held the container with the urine, Jeff grabbed it and hid it behind his back. He then taunted Sheamus a bit and then completely floored him by throwing the container filled with urine right in Sheamus' face.

Sheamus was gagging almost immediately, and while he tried to recover Hardy signed the contract and left the ring. Sheamus was still coughing and holding his mouth and throat when Hardy left, and we're not sure if he ever signed the contract.

That said, we're pretty sure he will, as no doubt he wants to get his hands on Hardy after swallowing a container full of urine. If the blood was bad before this, it's going to be insane now when the two meet at Backlash.

That question was actually solved in the segment after, as the doctor let Sheamus know that the test was negative, and so Sheamus swallowed all that urine for nothing.

You can find the official description for tonight's SmackDown below.

"Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles meet in the Intercontinental Championship Tournament Finals, Jeff Hardy and Sheamus will sign their WWE Backlash match contract, and Heavy Machinery reunites alongside Braun Strowman against Dolp Ziggler, The Miz & John Morrison."

Here's the card for tonight's SmackDown.

Daniel Bryan vs AJ Styles

Jeff Hardy and Sheamus contract signing

Heavy Machinery and Braun Strowman vs Dolph Ziggler, The Miz, and John Morrison

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