WWE SmackDown Debuts New Stable

WWE SmackDown has a new stable. One week after Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake debuted at King Corbin's side during his match with Murphy, the team was given a name and made official. During this week's show, highlights were shown and Corbin was shown backstage with the two men saying last week was perfect. It was noted that Corbin had evened the odds against Murphy and the Mysterios last week by using Blake and Cutler. He was asked what can be expected moving forward.

Corbin said he was bringing back some old school attitude. He said that Darth Vader had his Storm Troopers and the Night King had his White Walkers. He noted Cutler and Blake will be known as the "Knights of the Lone Wolf." He said since they aren't a family like the Mysterios, there's no family drama to get in the way. He said that they pledged their ruthless, cold-blooded loyalty to this king.

Corbin said that if Mysterio comes after him, this time the consequences will be more severe than losing an eye (as Mysterio did in his match with Seth Rollins earlier this year).

Neither Corbin or his new henchmen had a match this week on SmackDown, but we may see them in action next week. So far, two matches have been announced for that show (which will air on FS1 due to the PAC-12 Championship Game): Bayley vs. Bianca Belair and The Street Profits vs. Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler.


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