WWE SmackDown: King Corbin Defeats Rey Mysterio To Join Team SmackDown

"King" Baron Corbin and Rey Mysterio went head to head on Friday night during SmackDown with the chance to join Team SmackDown for the Survivor Series. Prior to the match, Rey and his son Dominick were backstage wondering about the whereabouts of Buddy Murphy and Aalyah Mysterio when Rey was blindsided by Corbin. As the match began, Mysterio got some offense in until Seth Rollins came down to ringside.

As Rollins watched on, Corbin worked over Mysterio in the ring. Dominick was also at ringside. The announcers talked about how Rey has too much going on right now to focus on wrestling and getting his head into the match.

Corbin pummeled Mysterio in the ring with right hands. He held him by his mask and hit right hand after right hand as Dominick looked on, thinking about going after Rollins.

Rey came back out of a bear hug with a kick and some aerial offense. Cole talked about how Rollins has a qualifying match later tonight and probably doesn't want Rey as his team mate, totally telegraphing the finish of this match in the process.


Corbin rolled to the outside and hit Dominick and Rey came in with a flying crossbody to the outside. They went back into the ring and Rey hit a 619. Rollins then attacked Dominick on the outside and Rey came in to break it up. Murphy and Aalyah then walked down as Rey screamed at them to leave.

Rey got back into the ring and walked into an End of Days. Corbin covered for the pinfall.