WWE's Solo Sikoa Hadn't Seen Roman Reigns In Almost 20 Years Ahead of Main Roster Debut

Solo Sikoa has hit the ground running since jumping from NXT to WWE SmackDown, making his big main roster debut at Clash at the Castle. Sikoa would be the deciding factor in Roman Reigns retaining his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship, and since then he's won the NXT North American Championship and officially joined the most powerful faction in WWE, The Bloodline. While they are working side by side now, Sikoa revealed in a new interview on the Cheap Heat podcast that before his move to SmackDown he hadn't talked to Reigns in quite some time and they weren't especially close, but that's already started changing since he moved to the main roster.

"Seeing Roman in Cardiff, I haven't seen him in like 20 years. We really weren't close, but he was always around at our house playing with my brothers because they were the same age and I was way, way younger than him. He was always around our house, but I think now coming into the business, I'm starting to get close with him," Sikoa said. Even though the age gap is there, I'm really starting to get close with him because, I mean, it's Roman Reigns. He's been running the game for a while now so I'm starting to form that relationship with him."

Sikoa also talked a bit about that massive spotlight on his main roster debut, and it wasn't what he ever thought would happen. "No, it was out of the blue. It was just one of those things where I got the call and this is what we want to do and this is how we want to bring you in, but I never expected it this way in front of 60,000 people. It was crazy. I'm still mind blown," Sikoa said.

Sikoa also talked about growing up with a WWE Legend as his father, and remembers being brought backstage by Rikishi over the years and even having a birthday at WrestleMania.

"Yeah, man. I was on the road with him more than I was in school," Sikoa said. "That's all I can remember as the early days with him being in the business. I was always backstage with him. I met all the guys growing up. I met Taker, Triple H, Rock, Stone Cold, Lesnar, you name it, man. I had a couple of birthdays at Wrestlemania. I think it was like WrestleMania 16 or 17. I was always going to pay-per-views. Like I said, I went to wrestling shows more than I went to school."

Sikoa and The Bloodline appear every Friday night on WWE SmackDown at 8 PM EST.

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