WWE's Solo Sikoa Retains NXT North American Title on SmackDown

Solo Sikoa shocked the world when he defeated Carmelo Hayes last week to become the new WWE NXT North American Championship, giving The Bloodline even more Title gold in the process. Tonight he would defend that Championship on SmackDown against MadCap Moss, and he would have Sami Zayn at ringside. Zayn came in handy at two different points in the match, including a key one where he pulled Sikoa out of the ring before Moss could deliver a finisher. That led to the perfect setup for Sikoa to deliver his finisher and get the win, retaining his NXT North American Championship.

Sikoa and Moss locked up once to a standstill and then locked up again, and both times Sikoa seemed unimpressed. Moss went for a Waist Lock but Sikoa hit two Back Elbows to get free. Moss then got some revenge but Sikoa came back with a big chop to the chest and then a knee followed by a headbutt. Moss connected with a strike but then Sikoa hit a big chop. Moss then bounced off the ropes with impressive speed and knocked Sikoa backwards and then out of the ring.

Moss then slammed Sikoa on the announce table but Zayn distracted Moss just enough to give Sikoa some time to recover and knock down Moss. He then threw him into the barricade and then after rolling Moss back into the ring connected with a kick that sent Moss to the mat.

Sikoa connected with more strikes to the head and stomps to the chest, but Moss kicked out of a cover attempt at the count of 1. Moss delivered some trikes but Sikoa knocked him back down and then whipped him into the corner in brutal fashion. Then he slammed him to the mat and sent him to the opposite corner and slammed into him. He would attempt a pin but Moss kicked out.

Moss wasn't done though, hitting more strikes to the face, but then Sikoa hit with strikes of his own before stomping Moss in the corner several times. Sikoa charged forward but Moss chop blocked the knee and knocked the Champion down. Moss punched Sikoa several times and then hit a massive clothesline and a forearm before slamming Sikoa down face first on the mat. Moss then shoulder charged Sikoa twice and then turned a superkick into a slam but Sikoa kicked out.

Sikoa countered his next move with a forearm and then a headbutt, but Moss fought back after Sikoa went for a Samoan Drop. Sikoa then hit the Samoan Drop after Moss charged forward but Moss still kicked out of the pin. Sikoa was then rolled up by Moss but the Champion kicked out. Sikoa got his elbow up to block an attack but then Moss caught him and hit a Fallaway Slam. Moss ran towards Sikoa but Zayn pulled him out of the ring.

Moss then chased Zayn around the ring and led him right into a superkick by Sikoa. Sikoa then hit the Spinning Solo and got the win, retaining his NXT North American Championship.

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