WWE Surprises Fans With LA Knight Heel Turn on SmackDown

After weeks of taking on the persona of Max Dupri, LA Knight is finally back and in action. Dupri ditched the name and became LA Knight once again during last week's SmackDown, and tonight he would take on his former client man.soor in his in-ring debut on the blue brand. Knight was back to his big promos and fiery offense, and he would take down his former client impressively. Fans were happy to see him back to his old self, but then WWE threw a swerve when Knight started going after the crowd in a full-heel promo, which is rather surprising.

In one way it makes total sense. For those who watched Knight in NXT, he started there as a heel and did some of his best work there as an antagonist to Cameron Grimes when they were fighting over the Million Dollar Championship.

It is surprising though because so many were rooting for him to ditch the Dupri character and go back to being LA Knight, and he was already getting big babyface reactions from the crowd leading up to his transformation. He also received that when he hit the ring tonight, so while he is a great heel, it still made sense to keep him as a face for the time being.

That doesn't appear to be the case, but that's not a bad thing at all. Knight on the microphone is money, and whether he's a heel or a face, he will make any feud entertaining. It is unclear though if MMM is being pushed as a face faction though, as Knight is facing them initially.

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