WWE's Final Tribute To The Undertaker Brings In Paul Bearer Hologram

WWE's 30th Anniversary Homage to the Dead Man, aka The Undertaker, saw many of his friends, and opponents, gathering to pay homage to Mark Calaway's long running career, but World Wrestling Entertainment was able to throw in one big swerve by introducing a hologram version of Taker's former manager in Paul Bearer! Paul Bearer, aka William Alvin Moody, had an insanely memorable personality to match that of Calaway, and though he might have passed away in 2013, it was clear that he would have to make one last appearance in the career of the Undertaker during this year's Survivor Series!

When the Undertaker first hit the scene thirty years ago during 1990's Survivor Series, he wasn't joined by Bearer, but rather, was joined by Brother Love, but was eventually given the supernatural manager in Paul Bearer who would lug around an urn and create a persona that worked insanely well with the Dead Man. Many believed that following his retirement announcement that the Undertaker would return to the world of the WWE, but it certainly seems as if this is the last time that we'll see Calaway walk down to the ring using the moniker of the Dead Man!

WWE Fans were thrilled at the inclusion of the Holgram version of Paul Bearer, being shown only for a few seconds, but showing that his part in the Undertaker's career was definitely a memorable one, and even though he didn't wrestler alongside the Dead Man like Kane, he was a worthy part of the stable:


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