Triple H Explains how Drake Maverick's WWE Release Became an NXT Storyline

WWE cut quite a few wrestlers and staff as part of cost-cutting measures due to the coronavirus [...]

WWE cut quite a few wrestlers and staff as part of cost-cutting measures due to the coronavirus pandemic, and that included Drake Maverick. The day the cuts were announced Maverick released an emotional reaction to the news that struck a chord with many fans, and it seems it did with WWE and NXT personnel as well, as after what was supposed to be his final match in NXT after a loss in the Cruiserweight Championship Tournament he was awarded an NXT contract. Triple H was recently asked on a media call about the Drake Maverick storyline, and he explained that it just kind of evolved naturally, but it wasn't planned from the beginning (via Wrestling Inc).

"We already had the tournament mapped out and promoted but then the releases happened which were horrible," Triple H said. "No one wants to see anyone lose their job but a lot of companies around the world are having to make tough business decisions to ensure that they are still there as this continues on. Difficult decisions were made."

"He was given the option of continuing in the tournament and he wanted to prove that he could still be here," Triple H said. "If you've met him or know him at all, he is one of the most passionate guys. He loves WWE and just wants to be here. It's his dream and he couldn't be a better guy."

It was during the tournament that NXT decided to change things up and run with the storyline, as they could see Maverick had captured fan's hearts. He earned that spot, and Triple H couldn't be more thrilled for him.

"When the release happened, he wasn't involved in anything but it just happened the way it did. During the process of this tournament, he captured people's hearts and their imagination and he earned that spot. It was already out there so you either ignore it or you turn it into something. We turned it into something based on him and his performances. I'm personally thrilled for him in that he can continue to do what he loves and dreamed about. He's a great guy and I'm thrilled that we were able to get where we did."

Some fans weren't crazy about WWE turning such a sad and unfortunate situation into a storyline, especially if it was a work from the start. It turns out it was not, and like many things in WWE, just kind of evolved and transformed based on what was happening in real life. We're just happy Maverick gets to still be a part of WWE, and it seems Triple H is as well.