WWE Women's Champion Sasha Banks Previews Summerslam, Being in WWE 2K17

Sasha Banks hasn't been Women's Champion in WWE for too long just yet, but her first major challenge, a title defense against the previous champ Charlotte, is ahead of her tonight at Summerslam. The superstar, part of the women's revolution at WWE that saw several marquee NXT stars move up to the main roster in the last year, comes back to Brooklyn after a performance last year against Bayley that many called match of the year.

"I'm not trying to top that, I'm just trying to do me - you can't top magic," Banks told Comicbook.com at a preview event for Summerslam and WWE 2K17. Her confidence in-ring and on the mic while performing shined through on the red carpet, though. "I'm Sasha Banks, I always have great performances! Just watch this Sunday, it's going to be amazing."

Last year she held the NXT Women's Championship, and this year the WWE - she's only the second champion since it converted to Women's Champ from Diva's Champ, something she's very proud about. She couldn't compare the two, promising she'll continue to "work so hard for this" the way she did for her previous title so that fans "want to see the women."

(Photo: Lucas Siegel for Comicbook.com)

As for the game, WWE 2K17 and her video game debut, The Legit Boss is thrilled to be included.

"Yes! Finally! I'm in a video game!" she exclaimed. "It still hasn't hit me, it's so cool. I can't wait to buy the game and give it to my brother so he can pretend to beat me up. Finally," she said with a smile. Don't worry, Sasha, we're pretty sure 2K Games will just give you a copy or two.


Sasha Banks appears tonight on the WWE Network on Summerslam to defend her championship, and appears regularly on Monday Night RAW.