WWE's Big E and Finn Balor Become Tag Team Title Contenders on SmackDown

The Bloodline came out to talk to the audience, and Roman Reigns started off by telling the crowd to acknowledge him, as is his tradition. He then asked Heyman to educate the people on how to acknowledge him, and Heyman went on his normal rant. He then said Finn Balor fears Roman Reigns, and if he doesn't fear him, why did he need to tap into his demons to defeat the Tribal Chief. Heyman then talked about Brock Lesnar, saying he also fears Reigns. Heyman said he has known Lesnar closely for over 20 years, and that he hasn't seen fear in his eyes until now. That's when Big E showed up, holding his WWE Championship.

The crowd chanted for E, saying "you deserve it", and then Reigns held up his title, and the crowd booed. Then Balor came out, but as The Prince, not as The Demon.

Then during the break, Adam Pearce made a match official featuring Balor and Big E vs The Usos, and early on it was all Balor. Jimmy then got some momentum, but a Basement Dropkick allowed Balor to regain control. E then tagged in, and after a hold went wrong Jimmy tagged Jey in, but E regained control for his team and went to hammering Jey with big punches and then a brutal splash on the ring apron.

Jimmy and Jey got some payback though on E, wearing him down a bit and trapping him in their corner, but E was able to evade Jimmy and Balor tagged himself in. Balor knocked Jey off the side of the ring and but Jey tagged himself in and pulled Balor out of the ring, setting him up for a dive by Jimmy.

We then returned to the action, and it was revealed that the match is a No. 1 Contender's Match, which is odd since, you know, they aren't a team, and E is currently the WWE Champion. Jimmy worked over Balor some and kept him from making the tag to E, but a Pele Kick bought Balor some space and time, and he was able to get the tag to Big E.

E hit a Belly to Belly back to back, but then Hey picked E up out of the air and slammed him down, only to be hit with a Uranage by E. E then sent Jimmy flying after a slam and went to finish off Key, but he kicked E in the face. Hey then launched from the top rope but missed, though Hey then super kicked E and went for the pin, but Big E kicked out.

Jimmy tagged in but Balor broke things up and went to the top rope for a Coup de Grace while E hit the Big Ending, and that was enough for them to win the match and become No. 1 Contenders.


We then head backstage where Reigns is looking displeased, and he asks Heyman if there's anything he needs to know. Reigns then asked him"let's assume I do know something", and Heyman said "I know what you're getting at, and I did not know that Brock Lesnar was coming to SummerSlam. Brock Lesnar fears Roman Reigns, and I say that because why else would Brock Lesnar make up this preposterous false narrative that he was coming to SummerSlam to confront you. It's a mask. He's dealing with fear."

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