WWE's Dominik Mysterio Retains North American Title, Rhea Ripley Unexpectedly Attacked by NXT Superstar

WWE's Dominik Mysterio retains North American Title but Rhea Ripley is unexpectedly attacked by Lyra Valkyria

The Judgement Day once again held court in WWE NXT, but they got some surprising pushback from another NXT superstar. The main event of tonight's NXT was for the North American Championship, where Dominik Mysterio would defend his Title against Dragon Lee, though Lee brought along some reinforcements. Joining Lee in his corner was Rey Mysterio, who was there to counter Rhea Ripley. Unfortunately, Ripley would still find a way to tip the scales and help get Dominik the win, but then Lyra Valkyria would come in and knock Ripley out of the ring. Ripley has praised Valkyria previously, but now it seems the two are set to be enemies from here on out.

Lee and Dominik locked up and Lee got the better of the exchange, but they quickly locked up again. This time Dominik came out the winner and delivered a chop to Lee''s chest. Dominik connected with a knee strike and then got thrown by Lee to the corner. Lee then went after Dominik in the corner with kicks to the legs and the head, and a dropkick sent Dominik out of the ring.

Dominink ran into Rey and Rhea got in Rey's face. While Rhea was talking to Rey, Lee dropkicked Dominik and knocked him into the barricade. Rhea checked on him and Lee got Dominik back into he ring. Lee stayed in control for a bit but Dominik would get the upper hand and use it to stomp on Lee, gaining some much-needed momentum.

Dominik delivered some punches and chops in the corner and then threw Lee into the opposite corner. Dominik brought down Lee over the top rope and hit the splash into a cover, but Lee kicked out. Dominik threw something at Rey and then hit a dropkick on Lee into a cover, but Lee kicked out again.

Dominik then went for the Three Amigos and hit all three suplexes, but Lee still kicked out of the cover attempt. Dominik then went to untie Lee's mask, but that only angered Lee. Lee then knocked Dominik down twice and caught Dominik with a kick to the face. Lee hit a Dragon Screw and then knocked Dominik over the top rope and to the floor.

Lee went for a dive and hit it, slamming Dominik into the announce table. Lee rolled Dominik into the ring and hit a knee strike to the head into a cover, but Dominik kicked out. Ripley looked stunned, and then Lee slammed Dominik's face into the turnbuckle. Dominik knocked out Lee's legs from under him and he fell to the turnbuckle, but then Lee hit the stomps on the chest into a pin attempt, but Dominik kicked out.

Ripley was once again stunned, and she almost jumped in to help Dominik. Lee lifted Dominik but he dodged it and hit a neckbreaker. Dominik went for the pin but Lee kicked out. They exchanged kicks and then Dominik went for the 619 and hit it. Dominik went up top and hit the frog splash but was caught with knees up from Lee. Lee hit a power bomb and went for the pin but Dominik kicked out.

Ripley slid the Title to Dominik but Rey took it way from him. Then Ripley hit Lee with her Championship when the referee wasn't looking, and that was enough for Dominik to retain and keep his Title.

After the match, Rey got in Dom's face, but then Ripley got in Rey's face and pushed him away. That's when Lyra Valkyria came into the ring and attacked Ripley, evening things up and causing Ripley and Dominik to start walking away from the ring.

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