WWE's Jeff Hardy Teases Reunion with Matt Hardy

The Hardy Boyz are wrestling legends at this point, both as a team and as individual stars. These days Jeff Hardy can be found on episodes of Fright Night SmackDown as well as pay-per-views like Survivor Series, while his brother Matt Hardy is over in AEW shaking things up on episodes of Dynamite and Rampage and events like All Out and Full Gear. While they are not together in one promotion at the moment, during a recent interview with TalkSPORT Jeff was asked if he believes that a reunion will happen. While he doesn't say when or where, he does believe it will happen at some point.

"I think it's gonna happen," Hardy said. "I'm not sure where. That's why it's kind of exciting. It can happen anywhere, man. Wrestling is very unpredictable. Contracts expire. People get released. All kinds of stuff happens. So, we'll see. I think our paths will cross [again and we'll] reunite one more time."

It's unclear when Jeff's contract expires, but even if he has some significant time left, Matt isn't stopping anytime soon it seems, so we still have some time to see this happen. Jeff also leaves the "where" to the imagination, so while many would assume Jeff would move over to AEW to join Matt, they could also both head somewhere else like Impact Wrestling too, as they have plenty of history there as well.

Jeff is also not wrong on the releases, as WWE has released around 80 wrestlers this year, so Jeff could end up being out of his contract early if that were to happen. He'd have a 90-day non-compete, but then he could go anywhere he wanted.

As for Matt, he recently took to Twitter to share some comments about his brother, saying how proud he is of Jeff and that he hopes fans will continue to support him. You can see his comments below.

Matt wrote "I am so proud of my brother. He's in an amazing place in his life, both professionally & personally – I hope you support him. I'm fortunate to vicariously relive our childhood together every single day, thru my 3 boys. I'm a blessed man & we're both blessed to still be wrestling."

H/T Sportskeeda