WWE's Karrion Kross Reveals Idea Behind New Gear and Mask

Karrion Kross is currently stringing together some wins on Monday Night Raw, and it was revealed he will be staying on the Red Brand during the WWE Draft. Kross actually made his debut on Raw while he was still NXT Champion, but since joining the Raw roster full-time he's received some changes to his gear and overall look. That's included the addition of straps and a warrior styled helmet, and on the most recent episode of Table Talk he explained the inspiration for the look and how the helmet came into play.

When asked who came up with the mask, Kross said"I'm not entirely sure at this point. I had received a briefing about, I guess it was a creative team conversation, a series of people attempting to expand on the original concept that was presented during NXT. I guess it was a team of people. The direction I think they were attempting to go in was essentially a gladiator idea. I had introduced the lower body gear at NXT when I competed against Finn Balor to get the title back."

"My original concept was like, this feels like what the coliseum days would be like. We're in a circular area with people around. With the character presentation of Karrion Kross and the development, this wasn't just a regular match people were getting into," Kross said. "Win or lose, you might not be coming out the same way. I was attempting to project that sort of energy into it. What they wanted to do when I was coming up was play off of that. That's where we're at with it," Kross said.

We'll have to wait and see if any other elements get added to his gear moving forward or if any of it is tweaked at all. Kross looks to become an even bigger fixture on Raw, and he'll have plenty of new talent to face off against thanks to the Draft bringing people like Edge, Seth Rollins, and more.

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