WWE's R-Truth Drops New Music Video for 'Legacy'

WWE Superstar R-Truth, real name Ron Killings, recently released his new rap single "Legacy." The former United States Champion then dropped the music video for the song on Monday, which is described as, "'Legacy' brings a triumphant reminder of the hardships and wins conquered throughout Ron's life and career as a professional. Through the doubt of the stigma that a Sports Athlete who entered the game, couldn't be more than one dimensional, Ron shows in 'Legacy' that he not only has been equip for the job but is just getting started and ready to open the floodgates for a new fan to learn what it takes, through the sacrifice, to create an undeniable recognized Legacy."

The video features Truth in medieval armor taking down a group of fellow knights trying to invade his home, then about halfway through the song it switches to him in full cowboy attire working as a bounty hunter inside of a saloon. Wrestling fans will likely notice early in the video that all of Truth's major championships are on display, including the United States, NWA World Heavyweight Championship and the 24/7 Championship (which Truth has held a whopping 53 times. 

Truth's rap career is almost as extensive as his decades-long wrestling career. He's released two albums — Invinceable (2003) and KillingIt (2016) — and has since dropped a number of non-album singles, including "Back Against The Wall," "Dance Break," "Run It" and "Set it Off." He confirmed with fans on Twitter on Monday that he's planning on dropping another album in December. 

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Truth sat down with ComicBook back in late 2019 and teased the idea of holding the 24/7 title up to 100 times before the championship is eventually retired. 

"You're giving me an idea now," Truth said. "So like, how ridiculous, or how ridiculously funny or entertaining, whatever the words may be, that I could be, like, [a] 50-, 70-, 80-, 100-time champion? You know what I'm saying? Nobody's ever done that in the world, right?"