WWE's Ricochet, King Woods, and Kofi Kingston Debut Tekken Gear at Day 1

Tonight's WWE Day 1 event started the new year with some big matches, and some of your favorite WWE Superstars decided to celebrate the special occasion with some gaming-inspired gear from Main Event Gear and Jonathan Davenport. King Woods, Kofi Kingston, and Ricochet all decided to rock gear based on some of the biggest fighters from Bandai Namco's mega fighting game franchise Tekken, and Davenport delivered killer gear designs based on Jin Kazama, Bryan Fury, and most fittingly, King. Each one sports some great details and succeeds in bringing their chosen characters to life, and you can check out all of the awesome designs in the posts below.

First up is Ricochet, who sported the Jin Kazama gear. This is the most one-to-one comparison wise, as it recreates Jin's trademark red and yellow flame on his right pant leg and the red and black gauntlets Jin wears. It even features the studs on top, meaning the only thing that's missing is fire around Ricochet's punches.

Davenport included a caption with the gear design, writing "@KingRicochet is sporting a super slick design tonight which is my interpretation of Jin Kazama from @tekken! @MainEventGear was ON POINT at bringing this design to life!! #TEKKEN7 #WWEDayOne"

Next is Kofi Kingston's gear, which is inspired by Bryan Fury. The pants feature the many straps, buckles, and bullets Fury so often wears, while the vest takes inspiration from Fury's green jacket and the skull mask that he wears over his mouth sometimes.

Davenport posted the design images with the caption "The King's hand Kofi Kingston is sporting a @Tekken inspired hybrid design of mine tonight... channeling Bryan Fury! #TEKKEN7 #WWEDayOne #TheNewDay"

Last but certainly not least Woods is rocking King-inspired gear, which is fitting since he is also King Woods in WWE. The gear takes inspiration from two different King looks, with one being the bright yellow and blue gear he wears in the game and the other being based on the black and white coat and pants look.

The pants are blue, yellow, and black while the boots are white. The jacket is black and white with gold accents, combining two different costumes into one streamlined look. Davenport posted the design with the caption "King Woods is sporting my interpretation of King from @TEKKEN combining two different designs into a single look fit for A King!! #tekken #WWEDayOne #TheNewDay"


They really outdid themselves with their Tekken gear, and let us know which is your favorite in the comments! You can also talk all things wrestling and gaming with me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!