WWE's Roman Reigns Retains With Ridiculous Finish at Extreme Rules

The main event of tonight's WWE Extreme Rules was eagerly anticipated, pitting the Universal Champion Roman Reigns against The Demon Finn Balor. Both have been difficult if near impossible to beat, but tonight someone would have to take the loss. After Reigns made his entrance, The Demon showed up in epic fashion, and then they stared each other down after the bell hit. They finally locked up and Reigns pushed Balor back, but then Balor freaked Reigns out a bit with some off-kilter movements and then started attack Reigns' legs with kicks. A big punch from Reigns knocked Balor down but he got right back up, and the two started trading punches.

Reigns lifted Balor but Balor got into Reigns' eyes with his fingers and then pulled his jaw, and then kicked his legs and hamstrings again. Reigns threw a big right punch but Balor recovered quickly. Reigns hit a Samoan Drop and went for a pin but Balor kicked out.

Reigns then went and grabbed a Kendo Stick, but when he looked for Balor Balor popped up with a bundle full of Kendo Sticks and he slammed them on Reigns' back several times, knocking the Champion to the ground. Reigns would come back but Balor hit him with big punches and then a kick that sent him off the ring and hard to the ground.

Balor then grabbed a table, but Reigns knocked Balor down to the floor. Reigns then said "no tables" to the crowd, which drew a lot of boos, and then he grabbed Balro and rolled him into the ring. Reigns grabbed a chair and attacked him. Balor recovered and went to grab that table again, but Reigns cut him off once more with a kick to the face that sent Balor into the post.

Reigns then threw Balor over the barricade. Reigns then posed as he taunted Balor, and during that point, we moved closer to the audience, and he put on a mask. He then picked up Balor, but Balor countered with elbows and then big kicks, sending Reigns off the table. Balor then hit a Crossbody through a table, crushing Reigns.

They fought through the audience and got back to the ring. There Balor grabbed the table again and set it up, and then went to pick up Reigns but Reigns picked him up instead and threw him through it. He went for the pin but Balor kicked out.

Reigns then set up for a Superman Punch but Balor dodged it and countered with punches. Reigns hit a huge punch but Balor hit a Pele Kick. Reigns hit a Superman Punch but Balor again kicked out.

Paul Heyman then got Reigns revved up while the crowd booed, and then he set up for a spear. Balor dodged with a kick and then hit a Sling Blade. Reigns speared him and covered, but Balor kicked out with a low blow, and that sent Reigns reeling.

Balor knocked Reigns out of the ring and then hit a dive. Then he hit a Coup De Grace on Reigns and went for the cover, but as he was about to win The Usos interfered and pulled Balor out. They hit him with superkicks and then went for a table. They picked him up but Balor fought out of it and got rid of both, hitting a Sling Blade on Jey. Then he hit a Power Bomb on Key through a table, but afterward, Reigns speared him through the barricade.

Then the heartbeat of The Demon started and Balor was starting to rise, coming back like he never went down; The lights went red and he went on a tear, grabbing a chair and laying out Reigns. He then dropkicked Reigns through the table and crawled up the steps. He climbed through the top rope and it looked like he was set to win, but then the ring had some kind of exploding and the ropes all broke and the ring went down. It injured Balor a bit and then Reigns hit a spear and got the pin.

Here's the card and results so far for Extreme Rules:

Liv Morgan defeated Carmella

Big E (C), Xavier Woods, and Kofi Kingston vs AJ Styles, Omos, and Bobby Lashley (6 Man Tag)

Damian Priest (C) vs Jeff Hardy (United States Championship)

The Usos (C) vs The Street Profits (SmackDown Tag Team Championships)

Charlotte Flair (C) vs Alexa Bliss (Raw Women's Championship)

Becky Lynch (C) vs Bianca Belair (SmackDown Women's Championship)

Roman Reigns (C) VS The Demon Finn Balor (Universal Championship)

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