WWE's Roxanne Perez Retains NXT Women's Title in Thrilling Triple Threat Match at Spring Breakin'

Roxanne Perez takes down Lyra Valkyria and Tatum Paxley to retain her NXT Women's Championship.

Roxanne Perez was able to finally reunite with the NXT Women's Championship at WWE NXT Stand & Deliver after defeating Lyra Valkyria, but she would face even greater odds to retain at Spring Breakin'. Perez was set to defend her newly won Championship against not only Valkyria but also Tatum Paxley, who turned on her former best friend a few weeks ago. With a number of stories at play, the match was full of close calls and thrilling moments, and the ending would ultimately involve all three. Paxley was able to hit a 450 splash on Valkyria and go for the pin, but Perez would come in and steal the win for herself, pinning Paxley to retain her Championship.

Valkyria had bad blood with both Paxley and Perez, and it showed throughout the match. It was also a numbers game for much of it, as Paxley and Perez both made Valkyria their number one target. Perez and Valkyria exchanged rollups and Perez went after the previously hurt shoulder and arm that helped her winch Championship, but Valkyria was able to evade those attacks and keep her arm from suffering further damage.

Perez then went after Paxley, but Paxley was able to send Perez right into Valkyria, knowing them both to the floor. Valkyria got back to her feet and went after Paxley, but Perez jumped back in the ring and dropkicked Paxley into her former friend.

Perez and Valkyria went to battle one-on-one for a bit, and Perez was able to lock in an armbar on the hurt shoulder and arm. Perez had to let it go but then went right back to work on it. She tried to pin Valkyria but Paxley broke it up. Paxley tried to hit a superplex but Perez got away, though that led to Valkyria slamming both superstars down to the mat.

Valkyria went on a tear at this point, knocking both Paxley and Perez back with big offense. She connected with a dropkick on Perez, and then after a dodge from Paxley she hit a brainbuster on Paxley into a pin attempt, but Perez broke it up. Valkyria almost rolled up Perez right after but Perez kicked out, and Perez hit two uppercuts before going for the submission that won her the Title once again. Paxley broke it up and hit the same submission but was countered, though saved from a pin by Valkyria.

Perez knocked both superstars down and went for pins back to back, but they both kicked out, frustrating the Champion. Perez pinned Paxley but Valkyria broke that pin up too. Perez was clearly annoyed and went right at Valkyria, and the two exchanged bit strikes. Valkyria went for the roundhouse but did get a German Suplex to connect, and then Paxley threw Valkyria right into Perez's kick. Valkyria knocked Perez out with a kick and then Paxley had Valkyria down on the mat and went up top, hitting the 450. Perez then came running in and was able to pin Paxley in the middle of her pin attempt, getting the shoulders down and getting the win. Perez is still your NXT Women's Champion.

Here's the updated card for Spring Breakin week one:

NXT Championship Match: Ilja Dragunov (C) vs. Trick Williams

NXT Women's Championship Match: Roxanne Perez (C) def. Lyra Valkyria and Tatum Paxley

Beach Brawl: Sol Ruca vs Blair Davenport

Six-Man Tag Match: The Family vs. No Quarter Catch Crew

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