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Fantasy (Genre) / Crime Drama (Genre) Rated: TV-14 Creators: Neil Gaiman / Mike Dringenberg / Sam Kieth Writers: Mike Dringenberg / Neil Gaiman / Tom Kapinos / Sam Kieth Composers: Marco Beltrami / Dennis Smith Composite ? 68.92
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Its Good to be Bad

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Next Up Monday, Apr 30 2018 at 8pm on FOX

  • S3.E22
  • All Hands on Decker
  • When Chloe takes some time off, Lucifer is forced to work with Dan on a murder case involving a dog show. Meanwhile, Charlotte and Maze have differing ideas for Chloe's party and after a wild night, Chloe rethinks a life-changing decision

Most Recent Monday, Apr 23 2018 at 8pm on FOX

  • S3.E21
  • Anything Pierce Can Do I Can Do Better
  • When a prima ballerina is brutally murdered, Lucifer helps Chloe solve the case and attempts to keep her focus away from Pierce. Amenadiel begs Charlotte to help him with an important plan, and Maze remains devoted to a task from which Pierce asked h...

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Lucifer Morningstar has decided he's had enough of being the dutiful servant in Hell and decides to spend some time on Earth to better understand humanity. He settles in Los Angeles - the City of Angels.

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