ComicBook Nation: Best DC TV Shows Ranked, Halo Hype, Ms. Marvel Powers Debate

The CB Nation crew reacts to the Ms. Marvel trailer and debates her powers and then we rank our Top 5 DC TV Shows of all time! We also discuss Halo's early review hype, review some of the biggest Marvel and DC comics of the week, and more!

Best DC TV Shows, Ranked

The ComicBook Nation crew were somewhat on the same page when they did their Best Marvel TV Shows Rankings a few weeks back – but DC has had a much longer and more varied portfolio of hit TV series stretching back more than half a century. What that legacy on the table, it was only natural that the ComicBook Nation hosts had more varied lists this time around. Still, there were some fun moments of consensus: 


James Gunn's Peacemaker TV series spinoff of The Suicide Squad made it onto all 3 hosts' Top 5 lists – although Kofi Outlaw and Matt Aguilar had it in the borderline position of no. 5, while Janell Wheeler felt like Peacemaker deserved to be all the way up at the no. 2 spot. Matt and Kofi both ranked Batman: The Animated Series as one of the undisputed G.O.A.T.S., placing it as their no. 1 and no. 2 picks (respectively). Earning equally high praise was HBO's Watchmen event series, which both Kofi and Janell ranked as their no. 1 DC TV show of all time – arguably their top comic book TV show of all time! 

From there, the selections diverged: Matt Augilar represented for some of the bigger cult-favorite DC TV shows out there (Smallville, Titans, Legends of Tomorrow); Janell hit some series that especially appealed to the ladies (DC's Harley Quinn, Lucifer), while Kofi showed respect to pioneering series like Arrow (which arguably kicked off the superhero TV resurgence) and the Justice League (Unlimited) animated series. 

You can watch the full recap of ComicBook Nation's Best TV Shows ranking draft above – or listen to it below! 


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