Minecraft is Releasing Soon For New Nintendo 3DS Systems


Nintendo fans will soon have a new way to play Minecraft when the game releases very soon for the Nintendo 3DS.

The jump to the handheld Nintendo device for the blocky builder was revealed during the Nintendo Direct livestream on Wednesday where the company announced tons of upcoming releases and products. During the stream, it was confirmed that those who own one of the New Nintendo 3DS or 3DS XL systems will have access to the game by the end of the livestream.

Like other Minecraft games, players will be able to take part in either the creative or the survival modes. The first allows for free expression in building or destroying structures without worry of PvE interference while the survival mode puts players in a bit more challenging position as they work to survive the elements.

Shipping with the 3DS version of Minecraft, players will be able to use the Mooshroom Tamer, Artisian, Red Boy, Santa Claus, or Tundra Tamer skins in addition to the base Steve version. Two different texture packs will also be included in the upcoming release to allow for further customization of the structures that players build.

With the way that the user interface is constructed on the 3DS, Minecraft on the handheld console seems like a no-brainer. The inventory, crafting menu, and the map will all be displayed on the lower half of the device that’s the touch screen while the top screen will feature the actual gameplay and the crafting results when creating items, cooking food, or other actions.

In addition to the split interface of the 3DS version of Minecraft, players will be able to swap between the basic controls or the touch controls. Considering how some resources in Minecraft don’t exactly break down the same way that they go up and with some structures like glass being pretty fragile, plenty of players might opt for the basic controls instead to avoid any misplacements or other mistakes.

Immediately following the Nintendo Direct presentation, the 3DS version of Minecraft is set to be released. A packaged version of the game will launch at a later date.



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