Cool Reverse-Flash Promo Art For CW's The Flash


Man, I can't wait for The Flash to return. I'm really looking forward to watching Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) hunt down The Man In The Yellow Suit, who we now know was Tom Cavanagh's Doctor Harrison Wells. But, if it is him then how did the Reverse-Flash pummel Harrison if he IS Harrison? Me thinks time-travel. I'm sure we'll find out before the first season ends.

Until then, we have a couple of fantastic pieces of promo art that were created by one of the show's conceptual artist, John Gallagher. You can see some slighter differences in the suit as compared to the final version, though that might be hard for you to see since he's always vibrating to disguise his appearance. That fink!

The Scarlet Speedster returns with a new episode tomorrow!

(via Film Sketchr)