5 Comic Book Villians Who Could Scare Jason on an Unlucky Friday the 13th


All those classic horror, slasher villains, like Jason from the Friday the 13th, may have been scary. Sure, they can freak out a few kids out in a cabin or spoiled brats in the suburbs, but they’ve got nothing on villains who can scare the likes of Batman, Daredevil, and others.

So you want to really be scared? Go up against one of these comic book villains, any of which would probably make Mr. Voorhees shake in his boots a bit.


The Joker

What, you’re not reading the story Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo are crafting right now?

If you need any proof that the Joker is one scary villain, just take a look in the current pages of Batman. In fact, look at the whole New 52 history of the character. His first appearance had him cutting off his own face. Then he came back with it belted on, and terrorized the entire Bat-family. Now he’s back again and this time he’s plain old hateful.

The Joker is Batman’s evil mirror image, and yes, there are moments where he’s even scared The Bat himself. Jason? The Joker would laugh and say, “I knew a Jason once. We had a swinging good time, but he didn’t understand the ole’ crowbar gag! HA!”


The Purple Man

This Daredevil villain got exponentially scarier twice in this century. First up was his involvement in Alias, soon to be loosely adapted as a live-action TV series with Marvel Studios and Netflix called AKA Jessica Jones. In that series, it was revealed that Jessica, aka Jewel, was tortured by Purple Man, who can get people to do anything he wants with a simple vocal command. It got very personal, and very gross.

Then it was revealed just recently that Purple Man had several bastard children, who inherited his purple skin and powers, as long as they were in close proximity. If you think the Children of the Corn were scary, imagine them as purple mind controlling kids with basically no sense of right and wrong.

We will be seeing The Purple Man on TV soon, courtesy of Doctor Who’s David Tennant. Be afraid.



How do you follow-up on The Governor in The Walking Dead? Introduce a man named Negan. This entry could be really simply summed up in one word: Lucille. We’ll expound upon that, though: Lucille is Negan’s barbwire-wrapped baseball bat, which he talks to and also bashes peoples’ heads in with.

Negan is scary because he really enjoys himself. The Governor was scary, and psychotic, but it was all out of a weird sense of protection and justice. Negan just cusses and swings Lucille because he feels like it, and because he’s addicted to power. This is the kind of person that thrives in a zombie apocalypse, and the kind that makes it oh so much scarier.



The hunters in the aforementioned The Walking Dead have nothing on Kevin from Sin City. He doesn’t just eat people, he makes them watch him eat them, and he smiles. Oh, and when he got cut to pieces? Smiled then, too. Look, we’re not going to talk too much about Kevin because frankly, it’s uncomfortable. Suffice to say, Elijah Wood’s calm, kind demeanor from The Lord of the Rings takes on a different context if you see him play this role in the first Sin City film.


Darth Vader

Okay, we’re cheating a little bit here since Darth Vader, of course, originated in film. But you’ve seen the column I write here, right? Come on!

Darth Vader may not be what people think of as a “scary” villain, and that’s probably because he’s also just so cool. He’s also a tortured character, especially with the additional backstory provided by the prequel trilogy. But let’s really do the math here, folks: Darth Vader is a ruthless killer with incredible power. In his new comic book, he slaughters a village of sand people on a 20 year old grudge. As Robot Chicken so deftly made fun of, he massacred the younglings and padawans in the Jedi Temple towards the end of Revenge of the Sith as if he was just skipping through a field of daisies; except it was a lightsaber and children’s heads. Vader is a terrible power, driven by emotion, manipulated by someone who is even more evil and calculating. The fear is strong with this one.