Constantine's David S. Goyer Teases Potential Season Two Developments

Goyer-CavillAll weekend, the cast and crew of NBC's Constantine have been live-tweeting episodes in hopes of bulking up the show's online presence ahead of tomorrow's pitch to the network.

It's there that plans will be presented for a potential second season, and then a decision on renewal will formally be made before NBC's upfront presentation in May. While Constantine is an expensive show to make and its ratings didn't set the world on fire, it did improve its time slot over previous recent years, and the show's online and social media metrics were some of the best on the network.

So ahead of the presentation, showrunners Daniel Cerone and David S. Goyer convinced NBC to stream the full 13-episode first season online for free, and they and fans have been watching and live-tweeting all weekend long.

And, in the case of both Cerone and Goyer, their particular live-tweets have had little hints and tidbits about what their Season Two pitch might entail...

The series is streaming in full on Hulu and over the next two weeks. A decision on Constantine's second season should be along in the next month or so.