More X-Men: Apocalypse Set Photos With Jubilee, Cyclops & Jean Grey


More X-Men: Apocalypse set photos with Jubilee, Cyclops and Jean Grey have surfaced

Director Bryan Singer is up north in Montreal, Canada, filming the next X-Men film. This portion of the film takes place in 1983, and these particular scenes are set inside of a mall.

Now we have a better look at the visors Tye Sheridan is wearing for his role as Cyclops/Scott Summers. We also have a better look at Sophie Turner's red hair for the part of Jean Grey and Lana Condor's pink framed sunglasses and bright-yellow jacket for her role as Jubilee/Jubilation Lee.

KodiSmit-McPhee was also spotted on set today dressed as Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner, but you'll have to click here to view those images.

A source for Universo X-Men claims that "Nightcrawler is wanted by someone and black screens around the actor may indicate use of teleportation in the scene." During some scenes today, people could be heard shouting, "This is our Nightcrawler!" They addded, "In another scene, Nightcrawler is sitting on a bench, and people normally pass by him without surprising his presence on site."

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X-Men: Apocalypse will open in theaters May 27, 2016