M. Night Shyamalan Wants To Make An Unbreakable TV Show


M. Night Shyamalan has a sequel in mind for his superhero saga, Unbreakable.

But instead of making a direct film follow-up, Shyamalan would like to continue the story through television. Given the episodic nature of both television and comic books, it could make for a rather synergetic continuation. And Shyamalan thinks that a different format might even do his tale good, describing how telling a story across multiple media could make for a very interesting project.

"Could you do a six-episode Unbreakable series on Netflix or HBO? Yeah! That's cool. I even had an idea of doing a story that goes in one form, and a second part that's in another form, and a third one's in a different form. You never do the same form,” Shyamalan told IGN. “It would be like, movie, then, let's say, cable, to TV, whatever, and then a play; it goes straight online, and it finishes like that. It's in four different forms, and it never goes back to the old one. It could be kind of cool."

Shyamalan further explained how there are still many beats and interactions that Unbreakable could still explore, giving a potential series plenty of story to run on.

Who knows? It could happen. Given the prominence of comic book television shows, the market has never been riper for an Ubreakable TV series. Perhaps if Shyamalan’s new FOX television series, Wayward Pines, takes off like he hopes, he’ll get the green light to really explore the idea.

But what do you think, readers? Would you like to see Unbreakable continue as a television show? Let us know in the comments.