ComicBook Countdown for the Week of August 3

There's nary a week when great comics, movies, or television shows aren't all vying for our attention. It can be hard to keep up with it all, but that’s why we’re here. Each Monday at ComicBook.Com, we take a look at the five most exciting things coming to the world of fandom to keep you in the know.

5. Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F | Toei Company

I’m not a big fan of nostalgia. Most of what I really liked as a child is only great because I remember it that way. Returning to it is a sure way to ruin that enjoyment. But Dragon Ball Z? That show, guys. That show rocks. Sure it’s silly, but both the anime and the manga feature some of the best action to be imported from Japan to the States throughout the 1990s. Akira Toriyama created a great cast of characters who are still a lot of fun to spend time with, even if the anime dropped much of the comics’ irreverent humor. So I’ll be glad to see Goku, Krillin, Vegeta, Piccolo, and everyone else return this week to kick Frieza’s butt all over again.

4. Power Man and Iron Fist Epic Collection Vol. 1 | Marvel Comics

This looks like the beginning of a Marvel Comics push to highlight both Luke Cage and Iron Fist as their Netflix series draw ever closer. Both of these characters spun out of exploitative 1970s cinema, but would grow to become greater than their sources. Luke Cage has graduated into mainstay of the Avengers and Marvel’s greatest example of a street-level hero. Iron Fist has become one of the most visually dynamic and inventive characters regularly utilized at the comics publisher. Their original adventures together, reprinted here, are the foundation of all this and one of the greatest superhero friendships ever.

3. Fantastic Four | 20th Century Fox

I understand the skepticism surrounding this movie, but we remain optimistic (more on that here) for a few reasons. First of all, the cast for this flick is killer. Everyone of the Four are played by an actor who has shown multiple times they have some serious chops. Second, it’s based on Ultimate Fantastic Four. While that series unnecessarily de-aged the characters, it also kept the core concepts of family and discover intact. Finally, Josh Trank’s Chronicle is a great superhero movie. There has been some weirdness reported about the director on and off set, but his past work speaks for itself.

But it would be nice if Fox stopped trying to “improve” Dr. Doom. You don’t mess with perfection.

2. Dark Corridor #1 | Image Comics

All I can say is that it’s about time for Rich Tommaso to get some mainstream recognition. He has been self-publishing a mix of crime noir and horror comics for a long time, all of which are excellent, but has never been recognized for the force he is outside of the art comics scene. Dark Corridor is his Image Comics debut and it is fantastic. Moody, concise, and beautifully drafted, this is a must-buy for all fans of crime comics. Just like Tommaso’s comics reflect, sometimes less is more. So all I want to say is this: Check out Dark Corridor #1, you won’t regret it.

1. The Deadpool Trailer | 20th Century Fox

I still remember when the test footage for Deadpool leaked. Everybody went nuts, and for good reason. Ryan Reynolds and the crew absolutely nailed the tone of Deadpool for the short clip. It was action-packed, bloody, self-aware, and, most importantly, funny as hell. Now, we're getting a full-sized trailer filled with Deadpool and his supporting cast doing what they do best: causing mayhem. This one should be a lot of fun. A redband trailer will hit the Internet this week, while a family-friendly version (if there is such a thing) lands with the theatrical release of Fantastic Four. Better hang onto your butts, kids.

What new comics, shows, and other releases are you looking forward to this week? Share in the comments below.