Test Audiences For Captain America: Civil War Are Split Between Captain America & Iron Man

CW Cap Iron Man

When Captain America: Civil War arrives in theaters in May, fans will be left much like the Marvel heroes featured in the film: divided.

The latest issue of Empire magazine claims that audiences lucky enough to catch Captain America: Civil War ahead of its release are leaving theaters debating who was right and who wrong between Marvel heavy hitters Iron Man and Captain America. This is a considerable difference from the way Civil War was originally written on the pages of Marvel Comics where Iron Man was decidedly the antagonist with Cap playing the role of 'the good guy.'

The directors of Captain America: Civil War have repeatedly stated that the film will be a Captain America focused movie despite telling different characters' stories. That doesn't mean we have a definitive antagonist our of the two headlining Avengers, though.

“Hopefully you’ll leave wondering if Steve and Tony are both acting in selfish interests,” says Tony Stark himself Robert Downey Jr.. It sounds like all those years growing up listening to his father boast about how amazing Captain America was are finally getting to Stark. Chris Evans agreed with Civil War writer Stephen McFeely who pointed that aspect out, saying, “and with families that’s where you have the most love but it’s where you have the most struggle, too.”

Regardless of right and wrong or who comes out on top, it sounds like audiences are the real winners here. “Robert and Chris are incredible. The conflict between the two of them is incredibly emotional and it’s beautifully played out.”

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters May 5, 2016. Who's side are you on?