The Tick Returning With Amazon Pilot Order


The Tick might be on his way back to television if new reports are to be believed. Amazon has ordered a pilot for the new series, with Ben Edlund back in the fold as writer and producer and Barry Josephson as executive producer.

Unfortunately actor Patrick Warburton, who played the big blue lug in the previous live action series is not going to be reprising his role, as he has a new series, Crowded, on NBC. He will be included as an executive producer, and hopefully, they can find someone to fill his big blue shoes.

The series has found an Arthur however, in the form of Griffin Newman from Vinyl. Valorie Curry from House of Lies has also been cast as Arthur's sister Dot, who is a nurse.

The show will star a Tick who has lost his memory, and will feature him and Arthur back together in crime fighting action. While no one other than Dot has been announced, hopefully, we will get to see other heroes like the Blowfish Avenger, American Maid, and Die Fledermaus make appearances.

Though I always did appreciate Batmanuel.

via Deadline