Deathstroke Praises Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern in Humorous New GEGGHEAD Video

GEGGHEAD just treated fans to a brand new segment of F*@# Deadpool! The video sketch series sees DC Comics character Deathstroke confide in his therapist, who happens to be Marvel’s Deadpool. In the videos, Deathstroke is played by Freddie Prinze Jr. with Deadpool being portrayed by Justin Rupple, who does a pretty impressive job capturing Ryan Reynolds' voice. During their latest therapy session, Deathstroke admits to being a huge Reynolds fan, and even praises his work in Green Lantern.

“The DC Universe makes great movies,” Deathstroke explains. “My favorite obviously is Green Lantern, cause Ryan Reynolds rocked the sh** out of that. That guy was born and bred to play a hero.” spoke to Jon Lee Brody, one of the founders of GEGGHEAD, about the latest video. The actor/director/producer shared some insights into the sketch's cast, adding praise for Rupple.

“Justin Rupple is our voice man. And yes he’s part of the GEGGHEAD family. We have a ‘casting call’ series that he does with us. And other things to come too!,” Brody shared. To learn more about Rupple, you can follow him on Twitter here.

Brody also shared what he enjoyed most about their latest video.

“The Green Lantern bit was funny, because I feel like Deathstroke WOULD like that movie. So it was easy to justify,” he explained. “This is funny to me, because it shows how complicated Deathstroke is. He hates Deadpool but loves Ryan Reynolds. You can’t help but laugh and be like ‘hmm ok.’”

For fun, we also asked Brody how he thinks Deadpool should enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe now that Disney merged with Fox.

“Deadpool has to come into the MCU in a Spider-Man movie,” he suggested. “Breaking the fourth wall and everything while Spidey asks who he’s talking to.”

There's currently a playlist for F*@# Deadpool on YouTube, which you can watch here.


Outside of GEGGHEAD, Brody’s latest project is Office Uprising, an action/comedy/horror film he executive produced that features Brenton Thwaites, Zachary Levi, Jane Levy, Alan Ritchson, and Karan Soni. You can also catch him at Magic City Con from June 20th through the 23rd in Birmingham, Alabama. You can learn more about the event here.

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