SmartFood Debuts Flamin' Hot Popcorn

flamin hot white cheddar popcorn
(Photo: Frito Lay)

Move over Hot Cheetos, there's a new spicy and salty snack in town and this time it's popcorn. Frito Lay has just launched their SmartFood's Flamin' Hot White Cheddar Popcorn in stores nationwide bringing together everything people love about popcorn and spicy Cheetos in one snack.

According to Insider, the Flamin' Hot popcorn initially made its debut in June as an exclusive to Walmart and Sam's Club stores. Now, as of July 8th, customers in a wider variety of retailers nationwide can now get their hands on the snack that boasts 15 grams of whole grains per serving and contains now artificial flavors and no added MSG. And the popcorn really is a perfect marriage of SmartFood's White Cheddar Popcorn and Flamin' Hot Cheetos. Frito Lay makes both snack products so it's actually Flamin' Hot seasoning in the popcorn.

The Flamin' Hot popcorn will be available for purchase in multiple sizes and suggested prices range from $1.89 on the smaller side to $3.99 for a larger size package. However, if you're super excited about the idea of spicy popcorn you will want to get your hands on it sooner rather than later. The flavor is a limited time offering and will only be available through the summer, while supplies last.

And if spicy popcorn isn't quite enough heat for you this summer or are looking for something a little more substantial than a snack, you've got plenty of options. Not only has Taco Bell has introduced new Buffalo Chicken Nacho Fries in selected markets as well as their Reaper Ranch dishes, which are rolling out nationwide. Those dishes -- which include the Steak Reaper Ranch Fries Supreme as well as a Steak Reaper Ranch Fries Burrito -- feature Taco Bell's Reaper Ranch sauce, which is noted by its use of the Carolina Reaper, a pepper which is arguably one of the world's hottest, at least according to the Scoville scale.


Spicy not your speed, but still want something Cheetos adjacent? KFC has you covered. They've recently rolled out their Cheetos Sandwich to locations nationwide, treating consumers to not just a chicken sandwich with some Cheetos added, but instead a riff of the existing Crispy Colonel sandwich doubled down with cheesy Cheeto goodness thanks to a special Cheeto sauce.

Will you be trying out SmartFood's Flamin' Hot White Cheddar Popcorn? Let us know in the comments below.