Is 'Boruto' About To Pit Konohamaru In A Life-Or-Death Battle?

Warning! Spoilers for Boruto’s 17th chapter lie below!

Naruto fans are very familiar with Konohamaru, but Boruto has been slown to showcase the character. The anime has yet to introduce the character, but Boruto’s manga is further along with pairing Naruto’s would-be successor with the Hokage’s son. However, it looks like Konohamaru is about to come up against his biggest threat yet.

In the most recent chapter of Boruto, readers followed along as Konohamaru took a mission to explore an abandoned blimp which crashed far outside of the Leaf Village. While his comrades stood guard, the boy went in to scout the area and found an empty container that was recently opened. While Konohamaru was siphoning data from the terminal, the ninja’s team was ambushed, leaving Konohamaru to rush out and find his comrade’s gravely injured body.

“I was careless,” the other Jounin admitted before he collapsed. “Run away.”

Konohamaru is seen crouching over his comrade’s body before he sees someone standing before him. Just a sliver of skin can be seen of the assailant as a black cloak appears to be covering his leg, and Konohamaru grits his teeth. The ninja then asks himself just who they are before the chapter moves to its next sequence, leaving fans to dangle on one steep cliffhanger.

As you read the rest of Boruto’s 17th chapter, fans get a better idea of who the other ninja may be. The group known as Kara does reveal it has connections to the blimp as its vessel managed to escape the blimp’s wreckage. One of the organization’s members could be there to eliminate any witnesses to the crash, but fans have another idea of who could be behind the ambush. When Kara revealed its connection to the site, it did so by asking one of its supporters Ao of the Mist to retrieve the vessel. The former hero may be the one who attacked Konohamaru’s trope, and Ao would certainly make the Leaf ninja fight for his life if the two go head-to-head next chapter.

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