‘Dragon Ball GT' Originally Had A Very Different Setting

Dragon Ball GT may still ruffle up fans of Akira Toriyama’s franchise, but there are plenty out there who have come to love the controversial sequel. Over the years, the show has gained an almost cult-like following, but there are still things fans may not know about the anime. Say, for instance, things like Dragon Ball GT originally being set in a different setting.

Thanks to Kazenshuu, fans can now read a interview which one Dragon Ball GT producer did for the show. Kozo Morishita had a Q&A of his released in a June 2005 edition of Dragon Book, and it was there the executive admitted Toei intended for Dragon Ball GT to take place during a different time period.

When the producer was asked why the anime’s team went with an original story, Morishita said Toei wanted to fill in the 10-year gap between the defeat of Majin Boo and when Goku met Uub.

“The last chapter of the original manga is set ten years after the battle with Majin Boo, so initially the idea was to have anime-original stories depicting the events of those ten years, and various such stories were planned out,” Morishita expalined.

“Content-wise it was thought that the plot would revolve around the exploits of characters such as Pan or Trunks; in other words, the next generation of children.”

Of course, fans of Dragon Ball know Toriyama had plans of his own for that time period - even if he didn’t know it then. Morishita says Toei chose to use Dragon Ball GT’s post-manga setting as a way of showing respect to Toriyama’s work. The producer said the anime would be in the style of Dragon Ball that wouldn’t actually drag the series out. However, Toriayama has since re-entered the series to layout that 10-year gap.

Back in 2015, the creator stepped back into the franchise when Dragon Ball Super made its debut. The series, which is overseen by Toei, follows the adventures of Goku before his fated meeting with Uub. Toriyama provides outlines for what sagas need to be covered, and the anime has been a well-received one by fans since its premiere.

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