New 'Batman Ninja' Trailer With English Subs Teases Plot Details

In addition to the New York Comic Con trailer, another new trailer for the Batman Ninja anime released today specifically with English subtitles. While the full plot is still unclear, it does offer some new insight into the film.

Batman Ninja, for those not aware, involves a story where Batman is somehow transported back to Japan’s earliest days along with folks like the Joker and Harley Quinn, but Batman has some heroes willing to help him as well. The trailer with English subs includes some previously unseen animation and explanation that shows Batman immediately after his transportation to the past as well as offering up the Joker's new title: Devil King of the 6th Heaven, Lord Joker.

It would also appear that the Joker has recruited a number of like-minded individuals given the number of people wearing Joker masks in the trailer. The rest of the DC lineup in the film -- including what appears to be Deathstroke, Catwoman, Nightwing, Gorilla Grodd, and more -- have unclear allegiances. It's probable that Harley Quinn, however, sides with her puddin' over others.

The film comes from industry veterans Junpei Mizusaki, Takashi Okazashi, and Kazuki Nakashima, among others. It's an incredible list of talent that previously worked on projects such as Afro Samurai and Kill la Kill. Batman Ninja is set to release in Japan in 2018.