'Dragon Ball Super' Leak Teases Whether Goku Is Stronger Than Beerus

Dragon Ball Super fans have a whole lot of information to sift through right now. With the anime poised to end this month, there are just a few episodes left ahead of the finale. Over in Japan, a set of leaked synopses have given fans new insight to show’s last episodes, and one of the updates has fans eyeing Beerus.

So, you’ve been warned! Spoilers can be found below!

If you head to Reddit or Twitter, you will find the Dragon Ball Super fandom is scrambling. A set of episode synopses have hit social media, and one magazine leak features a full spread about Goku. It is there fans noticed a strange line of text concerning Beerus and the Saiyan.

According to translators, the magazine hints that Goku may have reached a point where he overpowers Beerus. The hero is not confirmed as being stronger than the God of Destruction, but the deity seems to imply as much. When Goku enters the mastered Ultra Instinct state, he seems to surpass Beerus in terms of strength.

Of course, fans are interested to hear the implication. Beerus has been a benchmark of power for Goku ever since the Dragon Ball Super started. The anime kicks off with the god’s debut as Beerus searches for a so-called legendary Super Saiyan, and Goku greets the deity with a challenge. When the two first fought, Goku put up an intense battle after going Super Saiyan God, but Beerus outdid the hero in stamina. The two haven’t faced off since, but Beerus has been seen as a guideline for power. If Goku wants to become stronger, he needs to get to a point where he can outdo even Beerus.


After seeing Goku’s new form, fans cannot say they are too surprised by this revelation. Ultra Instinct is a power-up meant for fighters at a godly rank. Goku tapping into the form automatically puts him on a level field with the Gods of Destruction, and his on-going match with Jiren stresses his insane power. After all, the Universe 11 warrior is said to be stronger than his God of Destruction, and Goku has gone toe-to-toe with the Pride Trooper as of late.

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