'My Hero Academia' Preview Pits Its Students in a Life-or-Death Fight

If fans weren't loving My Hero Academia season 3 already, the next batch of episodes should get them hyped! As you can see in the preview above, Izuku Midoriya and his Class 1-A friends are about to be thrown into a battle for their lives, against the psycho villains of the Vanguard Action Squad!

This final segment of the "Training Camp Arc" will see Izuku and his classmates throwing down with the likes of blood-sucking Himiko Toga; the blue-fire-spewing Dabi; the zany Deadpool knock-off, Twice; and the magic trickster Mr. Compress. There's big stakes to the battle, as the villains recently captured Class 1-A students Fumikage Tokoyami, and Katsuki Bakugo. Midoriya and Co. will desperately fight to get their friends back, before the Vanguard Action Squad disappears with them for some nefarious purpose.

Given how epic and exciting the battles in season 3 have been, fans are understandably psyched to see a bigger scale of battle between the heroes and villains, which is exactly what they're about to get! And once the battle is done, there are even more exciting battles to come, right afterward!

Warning - No Boku Hero Academia manga spoilers follow!


The "Training Camp Arc" wraps with the Vanguard Action Squad managing to escape with their main objective: Bakugo. Defeated and defamed in the public eye, the U.A. students and pro heroes find themselves faced with the challenged of locating where the League of Villains has taken their captive, and mounting an epic rescue, in order to restore public faith. That next storyline, the "Hideout Raid Arc," then features a two-pronged story where the U.A. students and Pro Heroes all race to the League of Villains' hideout in a nearby province. What ensues is a huge battle, with the main event being the highly-anticipated showdown between All Might and his archnemesis, All-For-One.

If you watch My Hero Academia's season 3 opening sequence, you can see clues to just how epic this "Hideout Raid Arc" is going to be. That story arc, combined with what's left of the "Training Camp" arc, basically means that fans are in for a break-neck paced and action-packed rest of season 3. If My Hero Academia isn't yet sitting at the top of the mountain of anime hits, it's certainly about to be!


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My Hero Academia is simulcasting season 3 Sub episodes every Saturday on Hulu and Funimation streaming services. My Hero Academia English Dub is now airing Saturday nights on Toonami.