'My Hero Academia' Reveals One Twisted All Might Blooper

This past episode of My Hero Academia was about as dark and serious as the show can get, but director Colleen Clickenbeard has released a hilarious blooper from the English dub that will hopefully bring a little bit of joy to everyone feeling down.

Over the weekend, after the episode had already aired, Clickenbeard shared a tweet with the message, "Because how could we not?"

When you watch the video below, you'll know exactly what she was talking about.

The short clip shows All Might's showdown with the villainous All for One, a fight that fans of My Hero Academia have been waiting for for some time. This moment in the episode had viewers on the edge of their seats, waiting to find out what would happen when the forces finally clashed.

In this clip however, there is no fight. Instead, Christopher Sabat, who voices the English version of All Might, chants a popular children's rhyme. "Little bunny Foo Foo, hopping through the forest..."

As you can imagine, this is a MASSIVE departure from the tone of this scene in the actual episode, but it's great to watch after the fact. Seeing as how everyone left on such a dreary tone, this was the perfect palate cleanser to get us all through the week, as we prepare for another devastating episode this Saturday.

And it's hard not to appreciate Clickenbeard's sentiment. "How could you not?" Let's be honest, when you're directing and/or voicing the number one hero in the world, why wouldn't you jump at the chance to her him sing like an elementary kid?


What did you think of this awesome My Hero Academia blooper? Is it helping to ease the pain of last week's episode? Let us know by dropping a comment below!

New episodes of My Hero Academia are available on Funimation on Saturday mornings.