'My Hero Academia' Teases Shigaraki's Tragic Origin

Over the weekend, the newest episode of My Hero Academia revealed a surprising twist to the backstory of the villainous Shigaraki, confirming that his tale is more tragic than we ever could've realized.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for the latest episode of My Hero Academia. Continue reading at your own risk...

During the episode, when All Might and All For One finally had their chance to fight one on one, the ultimate villain tried, and succeeded to get in the hero's head. To do this, he shared the hidden truth about his terrifying apprentice, Shigaraki.

As it turns out, Shigaraki is the grandson of Nana Shimura. Who's that, you might ask? Well, if you aren't familiar, Nana was All Might's mentor when he was coming up as a hero. It was Nana who passed on the One For All quirk to him.

All Might looked up to Nana more than anyone else in the world, much like the way Deku looks up to him. All For One knew that this adoration could be a weakness for All Might, so he spent years playing the long con.

After the death of Shigaraki's parents, All For One took him under his wing, and trained him to be a villain. He brought him up to hate All Might, and everything he stands for, essentially hating the hero who is grandmother used to be.

All For One took what All Might loved most, and turned it into a rival that could eventually defeat him. If you were wondering why All Might looked so devastated during the right, that's the reason. The love given to him has been turned into hate, and that hate is now his greatest enemy.


Did you see this Shigaraki twist coming? How do you think it will affect All Might going forward? Let us know your theories and predictions in the comments below!

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