'Dragon Ball Super' Reveals Whether Kale or Caulifla is the Strongest

The latest chapter of the Dragon Ball Super manga manages to lay out new details about the power levels of Universe 6 Saiyans Kale and Caulifla that will get fans buzzing with some heated debate!

Titled "Awaken, Super Saiyan Kale", chapter 37 saw the three Saiyans of the Universe 6's team in the Tournament of Power (Cabba, Kale, Caulifla) step center stage to battle Freeza. It started with Caulifla taking on the evil emperor; however, when Kale is finally inspired to shed her timid ways and join the fight, she reveals something that could be a major game-changing development for the series.

Fans have been debating which of the two female Saiyans is actually the most powerful: Caulifla's transformations into SSJ and SSJ2 in the anime were seen as a more powerful form than what Goku and the Z-Fighters first displayed in Dragon Ball Z; in the manga, even Freeza himself notes that Caulifla's SSJ form is more powerful than Goku's first SSJ transformation. It suggests that Caulifla could potentially be more powerful than Goku himself (if she were to match his transformation progression) - but that's about when Kale delivers a "Hold My Beer" challenge to that notion, revealing her own massive power.

Like in the anime, Kale unleashes a form of Legendary Super Saiyan that could give Broly a run for his money, and similarly loses control of that form, becoming a dangerous Berserker that could pose a series threat to the tournament fighters, and her own team. However, the manga goes a step further, by first introducing the notion that Kale is more powerful than Goku in just her base form!

When Freeza unveils his Gold Freeza form to take on SSJ Caulifla, Kale watches her BFF getting pummeled, and despite being told to stay out of the fight by Caulifla, Kale is inspired to step in, when Cabba reminds her how dire the stakes of the tournament are. Kale's initial strategy is to keep Golden Freez off-balance, hitting him with quick surprise attacks that are so fast, Golden Freeza doesn't even register her attacks for the first few volleys. When Freeza does notice and counter her strikes, he quickly finds himself outpowered and on the ropes, when Caulifla goes LSSJ and nearly tears him apart.

If there is a debate about whether Caulifla's controlled power potential is greater than Kale's berserker fury, the manga settles it, for good. Kale is more powerful than Goku in base form, and the manga describes her chi spikes in LSSJ form as growing exponentially more powerful by the minute, with no discernible limit in sight. If she learns Caulifla's discipline and control, it's clear that Kale could be established as one of the most powerful Saiyans in any universe!


What do you think about these new reveals? Are you a fan of Kale and Caulifla? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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