One-Punch Man: Saitama defeats Zakkos With One Slap in Super Fight 22 Opening Round

After weeks of build-up, the latest One-Punch Man episode officially kicked off the Super Fight 22 martial arts tournament this week. Saitama, impersonating Charanko with a bad wig, closed out the episode squaring off against his first-round opponent, Zakkos.

Known as the "man who won't quit," Zakkos was introduced as the master of the "Take-The-Plunge True Fist," with the announcer adding that he had never won a fight in the tournament despite Super Fight 22 being his seventh appearance.

"I'll get my first win and propose to my girl," Zakkos said. Unfortunately for him things didn't turn out so well. After Saitama inadvertently insulted him backstage by calling him a weakling, Zakkos seemed to be blinded by rage as he stepped into the ring, saying internally "You're so dead."

But, as things usually go for Saitama, the fight didn't last long. The episode went to credits before the fight could start, but the post-credit scene showed Saitama hit the knockout blow by slapping Zakkos across the face.

"He's weak! Zakkos is some weak sauce!" the announcer shouted while Zakkos was unconscious. "He invited his girlfriend, intending to propose today, but now all his life plans have gone terribly awry!"

"Oops. I did a bad thing," Saitama said, feeling somewhat bad for knocking him out. But then the announcer was handed a piece of paper, alerting him that Zakkos' girlfriend never showed up.

The post-credit scene ended with Suiryu watching from behind the stands, recognizing Saitama's strength.

"Zakkos' moves weren't that bad...," he said. "Guess I know who I'll be facing in the finals."

Suiryu was introduced by the announcer as a four-time former Super Fight Champion, though he had missed the last three years because of traveling. He quickly noticed Bazukan, another former champion, but stated that he really only wanted to fight last year's winner, who turned out to be Garou wearing the mask.

"I sense his piercing aura, but the one I wanted to face is the last tournament's champion," he said. "If I'm gonna fight, at least it could have been against someone tough."

With the win, Saitama will face Bakuzan in the next round.



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