Pokemon Concept Art Imagines Venusaur's Beautiful Water-type Transformation

Pokemon has plenty of creatures under its belt, and things get more creative with each generation. With more than 800 pocket monsters running about, fans have started to give their own take on original creatures, and they’re not afraid to spruce up some classics like Venusaur.

Well, at least the artist ABZ isn’t scared to. After all, they gave a go at a Water-type makeover for Venusaur, and fans admit they kind of love the revision.

Taking to Reddit, the artist posted a colored sketch they did of Venusaur. The Pokemon, which has been named Coralsaur by fans, takes out all of Venusaur’s grassy roots to bring the creature into the water.

Water-type Venusaur (type swap) from r/pokemon

As you can see above, the Pokemon is given an aquamarine color scheme and scales to boot. With added gills, this Water-type Pokemon has a very beautiful coral piece on its back. Rather than a massive tree, this so-called Coralsaur has an entire coral reef living on its back, and the colorful piece would make other Water-types like Squirtle jealous.

Of course, there is no evidence of The Pokemon Company ever wanting to revise its original Pokemon, but fans would be okay with the process if they look as good as this. After all, the Alola Region does feature some type-bent Pokemon like Vulpix and Sandshrew. So, if a future anime entry or game wants to give Venusaur a watery do-over, ABZ has some ideas in mind.


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